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When we talk about two wheel tractors, we normally associate them with soil preparation, given that (as mentioned in multiple articles on our website) the two wheel tractor is a highly versatile machine. But in fact, besides being useful for more traditional tasks such as ploughing, tilling and creating plots of arable land, it can also be an effective means of transporting soil, hay bales, wood and much more when combined with a trailer, which can be conveniently hitched to the tractor coupling and used immediately.

The benefits of a trailer

If we specifically analyse the advantages of using a trailer, it quickly becomes apparent how it can completely transform the lives of farmers who need to move tools or materials across their land. For example, imagine a scenario in which you have to transplant five 1.5 m-high plants. For this task you will need: the plants, a spade, several bags of topsoil, a pitchfork in case the earth is compacted, and a hose pipe or watering can. If you carry all this equipment to your planting location unaided, it will take you about six trips. In addition, the further away your shed—or wherever you store your equipment—is from the planting location, the further you will have to carry it. Even assuming that this distance is a mere 30 metres, you don't have to be a mathematical genius to realise that you will need to walk more than 360 metres (180 there and 180 back), half of it with a load on your back. At the end of the day, all this fetching and carrying saps a great deal of energy that you could otherwise be putting to more productive use. The current trend in contemporary agriculture is to optimise energy usage by channelling it to where it is needed most. Many farmers already use a trailer connected to their two wheel tractor on a daily basis: on it you will typically find things such as a toolbox, shears, a cool box and all the equipment needed to carry out the day's tasks.

Why a trailer rather than a small tractor?

The objection that could be made here is: why not use a small tractor or a transporter? The answer is versatility, as pointed out in the introduction to this article. A two wheel tractor is the most versatile and economical solution that a committed grower or smallholder can choose. Even the most powerful and highest-spec models are far less expensive than a small tractor. What’s more, compared with a transporter, a two wheel tractor has many more functions and uses.

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