A useful dictionary of basic financial terms and certifications held by Emak.


Holding company  A holding company, also known as a parent company, is a corporation, normally privately held, which owns stock in other companies.

Partnership  Collaboration between two or more enterprises, regulated by a contract and centred on one or more shared or complementary projects, which involves a variable degree of integration between the members of the participating enterprises.

ISO 9000  Identifies a series of standards and guidelines developed by ISO, which proposes a quality management system, developed for managing corporate processes so that they are targeted toward improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation in addition to the satisfaction of its customers.

ISO 14001  This certification demonstrates that the organisation in question has a management system to keep the environmental impact of its activities under control, and that it is systematically committed to improving its activities in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable way.

SA 8000  Identifies an international certification standard drawn up by CEPAA (Council of Economical Priorities Accreditation Agency) aimed at certifying certain aspects of company management relating to the social responsibility of an enterprise (CSR or corporate social responsibility). These are: respect for human rights, respect for workers' rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, and guarantees of health and safety in the workplace.