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Nibbi faces 2021 with significant innovations: efforts have been concentrated on adapting and developing new powerful, reliable Euro 5 engines able to satisfy every need.

News on engines combined with the professional MAK 17 S and MAK 18 S two wheel tractor models in order to guarantee high performance in all situations.

At the end of the catalogue, you can find a section dedicated to Emak engines, valid solutions for the renewal of obsolete or no longer working engines. These have been developed to meet the latest standards of comfort and ease of use.

The 2021 catalogue presents a truly comprehensive, constantly updated range of machines, suitable for agriculture ground care and maintenance of allotments and gardens and capable of responding to the needs of users at every level. Products differ according to the use for which they are designed, but all feature the same high standards of quality in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and safety.

There's a Nibbi for everyone!

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