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Nibbi faces 2022 with significant novelties: engines and new products.

The big news for 2022 concerns the extension of the flail mower family: the NTS 50 model is born, a compact, manoeuvrable and performing machine. 

New Honda engines for the FC 150 mower and NTS 80 flail mower models, capable of tackling steep slopes.

At the end of the catalogue we find a wider range of Emak engines, valid solutions for the renewal of obsolete or no longer working engines. The latter have been developed to meet the latest standards of comfort and ease of use.

The 2022 catalogue also features a new section on Shoes, Lubricants and Accessories: a range of solutions to improve your experience in the field.

Once again Nibbi presents a complete and constantly improving range of machines for working the soil in agriculture and caring for vegetable gardens, capable of meeting the needs of all types of users. Different products depending on their intended use, but all sharing the same high quality standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and safety.

Each to his own Nibbi!

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